The Impact of Technology on Modernising Commercial Property

20 Feb 2024 –– Commercial

Technology has significantly revolutionised the commercial property industry, modernising the way properties are managed, marketed, and utilised. This digital transformation has brought about numerous advancements that are reshaping the industry landscape.

One of the most impactful changes is the use of advanced software and data analytics to streamline property management operations. Property managers can now leverage sophisticated technology platforms to monitor building performance, identify maintenance needs, and optimise energy usage, resulting in cost savings and enhanced sustainability.

The emergence of virtual reality and 3D modelling has revolutionised the way properties are marketed and showcased. Potential tenants and buyers can now take virtual tours of properties, allowing them to visualise spaces and make more informed decisions without the need for physical visits.

The integration of smart building technologies has transformed traditional commercial spaces into intelligent, connected environments. These technologies enable automated systems for lighting, HVAC, security, and access control, enhancing occupant comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

As technology continues to advance, the commercial property industry will undoubtedly witness further innovations that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and user experience, ultimately shaping the future of modern commercial properties.

Managing Director Toby Whittaker said, “Northlight is a great example of how we’ve incorporated the latest technology into all aspects of the development. The new Store First facility has a keyless entry system, firstly for getting into the building and then into your individual unit, which also gives the ability to track who’s been in and out and what times if you have multiple people able to access your premises. It’s next-level security!”