It’s a family affair – Park First Skyport

20 Feb 2024 –– Commercial

Park First Managing Director, Toby Whittaker regularly visits the Skyport parking site, situated near Paisley and right next to Glasgow Airport. Glasgow Airport handles over 9 million passengers per year, serving over 120 destinations worldwide, handling an average of 237 flights per day. This makes Skyport a very busy place to work!

The Skyport team gives excellent customer service from all areas, the reception team, drivers, cleaners, maintenance – everyone takes pride in their work and makes sure things run smoothly. Great communication and a happy workplace go a long way in assisting this, and a family atmosphere – helped by the fact that there is a husband and wife and mother and daughter team amongst them!

Callum Donald is the site manager at Skyport, and has been working here since May 2000. Supervisor of the Reception team is his wife, Marjorie! We caught up with her to find out more about her story. “Yes, I'm married to Callum! Prior to working at Skyport I was a pub manager in Newcastle. I had two pubs and I ran those for 20 years. When I got married to Callum, I thought I'd give up that business because it was very stressful. This is less stressful, and I'm really enjoying it! We’re the first port of call for the customers coming in, so I think it's very important to give a good impression. First impressions are lasting impressions. Carly has worked here for a shorter period of time, but she's fitted in really well. We all enjoy our jobs, so we get on really well. We'll have a laugh with the customers and just wish the customers a happy holiday and then welcome them back and ask if they had a nice time. We’re giving people a good start to their holidays!”

Carly works on the reception team, working alongside her mum! She said, “In the past I was a personal trainer and I worked in retail, and I've been working at Skyport since last July. It's really good, a lot less stressful and there's a really nice atmosphere as well. I'm really enjoying it. My mum works as a supervisor, so it's really nice working with the family, although we stay professional as well when we're at work! Marjorie's lovely as well, so they're both really good supervisors. It's very positive!”

Toby Whittaker, Managing Director commented: “It’s great to go up to Skyport and catch up with the team there, they’re really lovely people. They’re a close knit team, especially with some of them being actual family, not just work family! They give great customer service and create a really happy atmosphere, which makes it a lovely place to visit!