Business First has Sagar covered

Insurance company celebrates Business First anniversary

Sagar Insurances is celebrating its one-year anniversary of relocating to Group First House.

Group First House is our flagship business centre, situated on Shuttleworth Mead Business Park in Padiham, Lancashire.

Group First House is also the head office for Group First Global.

Since moving into Business First, Sagar Insurances has gone from strength to strength.

About Sagar Insurances

Sagar Insurances was established almost 60 years ago in Accrington. In fact, its first business premises was a small terraced house in the town centre.

The company offers a comprehensive range of personal and business insurance policies and products to cater for the ever-evolving needs of its varied clientele.

Growing needs

Over time, Sagar expanded from its single terraced house and acquired two neighbouring properties, to accommodate its growing staff and client base.

However, its busy town centre location meant clients and employees often struggled to find available parking.

Furthermore, the business had outgrown the premises as it continue to expand.

Sagar was keen to refresh its image by moving the business to a contemporary setting to give clients a modern and professional experience when visiting their offices.

Making Business First work for you

Business First offered Sagar Insurance the opportunity to put their own stamp on a blank canvas office space. They worked with a designer to create a working environment that nurtures creativity and encourages heightened staff morale and efficiency.

Speaking at the time of the move, Chief Executive John Meadows and Director of Performance and Business Development, Susan Meadows, summed up the reasons for the move and the benefits of working from Business First.

  • Bright, airy, open plan offices
  • Increase in staff morale
  • Heightened productivity
  • Improved client experience
  • Easy access for staff and clients
  • Ample free private parking
  • Dedicated meeting rooms
  • Daily point of contact via centre manager Caroline

In addition to all of these benefits, Sagar Insurances has taken advantage of the networking opportunities open to Business First tenants.  Sagar is now offering its corporate insurance services to other businesses located within the centre. What’s more, they have procured services and products for their own business from fellow tenants.

Get in touch

To enquire about relocating your business to a Business First centre, contact Operations Director Sarah Fretwell on 

Alternatively, visit the website to find details of the centre manager for your nearest business centre location: