Meet the Business First tenants: Ruby Cosmetics


Meet Blackpool Business First tenant, Sophie Craig, of Ruby Cosmetics, who has seen her business reach new heights since she took up residence at the centre.

How did you get started?

At 21 I graduated from uni ready to enter the “real world”. I’d studied Tourism Business Management and had a desire to be my own boss and create a business empire.


When did you start Ruby Cosmetics and why?

I started out in 2013. I’d always had a passion for beauty, I knew it was something people want to spend money on even in tougher times and I could see eyebrows were the next big thing.

How useful was your degree?

It’s a positive force in my daily life, it helped me grow and meet people with different outlooks.

I gave my studies 110% so I could make the most of that chance a become a success.

How many people work for you and what do they do?

I run the business but I have a team of self-employed people who bring different skills to Ruby, including a show sales team, a wholesale team and marketing specialists.

If you could start over, what would you do anything differently?


How has your tenancy at Blackpool Business First helped Ruby Cosmetics?

After starting my business from home, Ruby soon grew – as did the need for a more professional workspace.

After searching the area and looking at different offices, Business First was ideal. It offered all the facilities I was looking for – free parking, easy access, boardrooms and a professional environment.

Since moving into Business First I’ve benefited from the extra space, the opportunity to network with other companies and the help of centre manager Hannah. She’s introduced me to people at networking events which has helped me to grow the business.

My Business First experience has been positive – I’d recommend it to any entrepreneurs who want to develop their business in an improved working environment.

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