How social media has changed the way we work

twitter-logo-vector-downloadLove it or hate it, social media has revolutionised business and made massive changes to the way we work.

These days, a business without a Twitter account or a Facebook page is unusual – what do they have to hide? In a world where we rely on our smartphones to get through the day, it’s crucial for businesses to embrace social media platforms in the right way to communicate successfully with their respective audiences.

So… how do we use social media to communicate?

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Our Twitter pages are where you’ll find company updates, links to blog posts and topical news stories which we believe our investors, sales agents, customers and staff members all around the world will find interesting and helpful.

Each of our Store First self-storage centres has its own dedicated Twitter profile where centre managers post community updates – from weather and traffic updates to the latest signings at their local football club! These customer-facing accounts are designed to be a friendly face for our self-storage end users and provide handy information relevant to their area.

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On the residential side of the business, our Mann Island sales team run their own Twitter account to advertise rental opportunities, local updates and more.

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We use LinkedIn to connect with our global network of sales agents, as well as staff and other businesses.

Our Business First centres are home to all kinds of different business customers and our centre managers work hard to encourage tenants to meet, network and work together to mutually benefit from the potential connections and business opportunities available under one roof.

All of our centre managers use LinkedIn to make new connections, encourage centre networking and co-working, as well as advertising offers and promotions.

YouTube is a fantastic way for us to share videos about all of our different businesses and how they work. Visual aids are a crucial tool for our international network of sales agents to communicate our products to investors – they can choose from an extensive library of content including testimonials, aerial flyovers, sales videos and subtitled videos in a host of different languages for foreign investors.

Our Google+ pages link up to our YouTube channel to market our multimedia content to a wider audience.

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Facebook is used by our Business First centre managers to share videos, images and updates from their individual business centres.

Here, centre managers catch up with existing and potential tenants as well as their fellow centre managers. They promote events happening at their centre, advertise the latest special offers available to tenants and respond to customer enquiries quickly and easily.

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