How to run your business from Store First

Oliver Kitson, Operations Director at, gives his advice on how self-storage facilities can be the perfect base for a business operation.

When we think of self-storage, we think moving home or spare rooms stocked up with old vinyl collections.

However, places like Store First are nowadays home to sole traders and small to medium sized businesses galore. They’re enjoying financial and security benefits a-plenty, proving you too can move your business from the garage into our centres.

Here, we will give you some tips and advice to answer the question: can I run my business from a self-storage unit?

Choose your facility wisely

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It may seem obvious, but when it comes to picking your self-storage centre, you need to find out just what you get for your money.

Storage itself is all well and good, but some centres offer meeting rooms, kitchens, forklift services, WiFi, printing and even delivery acceptance services to boot.

Chat to the storage centre staff to see if any extras can be included in the price you pay to store – you might be surprised what you can negotiate.

Check the security is up to scratch


Any decent storage facility nowadays will have a fully comprehensive security system designed to safeguard your stuff.

It’s not just about padlocks for your unit, the whole site should be covered by CCTV and an alarm system to ward off intruders. If you’re lucky, they may even provide a 24/7 access system.

Contents insurance is crucial to look after your belongings – check out whether this is included in your storage rate or whether it’s an additional fee to pay.

Think green


All business owners know the importance of being able to work all hours. Running your own company is never a 9-5 experience!

Find a self-storage facility that’s close to home with easy access. Some do offer 24/7 access to tenants so you can work into the night, take deliveries or respond to overseas enquiries when you need to if that’s important to your business.

Enquire about whether reception staff can sign for deliveries on your behalf – this may come in handy if you’re out and about expecting important packages.

What are the benefits of running a business from a self-storage centre?

Self-storage units are jam packed with benefits for businesses of all sizes – they can help you to significantly reduce costs and enhance productivity.

Benefits could include:

Reduced bills and overheads

Rent and utility bills are on the up, so running your business from a self-storage facility can slash these costs. Self-storage units can charge as little as half the monthly rent for a normal office suite and some even include business rates and utilities in the monthly cost to help even further.

More flexibility for your business

Happy with your office but need more space?

With a self-storage facility it’s easy to upgrade. Why pay extra for warehouse space when you can store everything under one roof?

Self-storage facilities enable you to pay only for the storage space you need. Just make sure there’s good ventilation in your unit and that adverse weather can’t damage your belongings.

Keen to know more? If you’d like to run your business from a self-storage facility but don’t know where to start, contact your local centre for advice today.