Global gathering at Group First HQ

BF Meeting Room 1

Padiham was the setting for a global gathering last week when Group First HQ received a visit from some of our many international sales agents and investors.

The group of visitors from our global offices – which include Canada, Dubai, Moscow, Singapore and Japan – popped into Group First House for a training session with group managing director Toby Whittaker in the middle of a whistle-stop tour.

Squeezing 10 Group First locations into their three-day trip, the group left the country clued up on every aspect of buying and selling investments in the Park First and Store First side of our commercial property portfolio.

Travelling in style on-board the official Group First helicopter, the party’s destinations included Glasgow’s Park First satellite airport car parking sites and the Store First centres in Manchester, Derby and Liverpool.

One member of the group commented: “This trip has exceeded all of our expectations. Seeing really is believing – it’s one thing for us to sell products we’ve familiarised ourselves with online, but experiencing it all first-hand has truly blown us away.”

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