Charity Auction

Store First took part in the charity auction for the ‘Sam Shaw Appeal’ by offering a fantastic experience in the Group First hot air balloon.

The ‘Sam Shaw Appeal’ is part of the NCCA UK that works to help families affected by the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

The ‘Sam Shaw Appeal’ was organized to raise money for a precious little 4 your old boy, Sam Shaw. On the 4th of January this year, Sam was diagnosed with a high risk neuroblastoma, a highly aggressive form of childhood cancer.

Sam will need surgery to remove the tumor followed by extremely aggressive chemotherapy to remove any last traces of the cancer. One of the major reasons that Neuroblastoma has such a low survival rate is the likelihood of it returning. If it returns there is currently no treatment protocol available in the UK. But there is treatment available in the USA that increases the survival rate to 60%. Unfortunately this treatment is expensive costing £250,000 and is not funded by the NHS.

Store First is offering their supporting for Sam to reach that £250,000 target by offering a hot air balloon ride to the see the beauty and majesty of Lancashire’s hills from the highest view point of all.

For more information on the charity event and to read more about Sam’s tumor Click Here