Group First Take To The Air

The Group First Hot Air Balloon and its team take a taste of the start of summer weather.

The Group First balloon and its team, with pilot Bob Jones and John Fenton, took to the skies around North Preston/Fylde area, for an early morning flight along with fellow North West pilot Austin Heginbottom and Group First pilot Richard Gahan flying side by side in Austin’s balloon.

With an early start, the balloons launched from the usual carpark at Guys Thatched Cottage Pub at Billsborrow trying not to wake the residents in the hotel.

With “cool temperatures”, little wind and fantastic visibility both balloons headed out across the Fylde towards St Michael’s on Wyre.

After an hour’s flight, both balloons landed in the same field, changed over passengers and contained on for another half an hour before landing at the same farm but different field.

The Group First Balloon team will be in the skies over the up coming summer month to watch the sunrise along the Ribble Valley.