Brands Hatch Race Videos & Results

Group First Motorsports had a fantastic race, solidly keeping their 4th position in the Championship.

Group First Motorsports team had a fantastic race at Brands Hatch over the weekend, which has kept their position of 4th in the Championship.

The qualifying  was very difficult with all the race driver out at the same time, all trying to get a good qualifying time, but never the lest our team race driver Oliver Andrew, had managed to battle through the crowd and qualify 5th on the grid line for the race.

The race was very close, with our driver Oliver going from 5th to 2nd place after the second corner. Under pressure with the Championship leaders in 3rd and 4th, it was a long 4-5 laps before he was overtaken on the straight by the 3rd position Championship leader, still leaving a very defensive race for Oliver to keep his position in 3rd whilst Championship leader was in 4th position. Both drivers where pushing their cars to the limits, both trying to get past and hold one another up.

Eventually Stephen Nutall, in 4th managed to over take Oliver Andrew on the straight, which left Oliver defending his ground for 4th till the very last lap, where he took one of the mid-field corner too wide giving the opportunity for Max Robinson in 5th to take 4th position.

Never the less, the Group First motorsports team still remain in 4th for the Championship and are very determined to keep that title.


Race Report & Championship Results

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Race Videos

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